What Came First?

Intentionally torn ill-fitting jeans or kale crisps?

I’m not sure, but they look pretty good together.

If I’m going to play like I have my own urban garden, then I’ll probably eat and cook the part as well.


Therefore, I jumped on the health wagon and made some baked kale crisps.

Kale 2
Kale 4

And then…I threw them on this Brooklyn Slate board that I was supposed to give as a gift.

Kale 3

I call them “crisps” because they are far more delicate than the regular potato chips.

Follow these simple steps and make your own:

  1. Remove stems from each leaf of kale
  2. Tear them into bite-size pieces
  3. Coat them in olive oil (about 1-2 Tablespoons) and sprinkle with salt and pepper
  4. Lay them out on a pan with parchment paper
  5. Bake for about 12 minutes at 350 (or until slightly brown)


Condors and Storytelling

How extraordinary are designers that can articulate their visions just as well as they can physically create them.

Kate and Laura Mulleavy’s words on MOCA‘s exhibition of their work:

Rodarte: States of Matter

I have been following the designers’ work since attending a show five years ago. At the time, watching the dresses moved me. But if someone were to ask me why, I would have been completely lost for words.









Coconut Gelato + Homemade Granola Thursday

Happy Lovers’ Day. Here’s some ear and eye candy just for you.

Yes, you.

Coconut Gelato + Homemade Granola


(Trentino Coconut Gelato,Theo Coconut Chocolate, Homemade Granola, Strawberries)


Doo Wop (That Thing), Lauryn Hill

I can always count Ms. Hill and The Supremes for some sound love advice.

Sunday Senses III

1. Hearing…

Madeon, “The City”

Why didn’t I go to this show last week?

2. Tasting…

Lily Vanilli‘s Bleeding Hearts

bleeding heart

Red velvet cake, cream cheese frosting and blackcurrant and cherry “blood”–this might be my antidote to cupid’s holiday!

3. Smelling…

Garden Roses

IMG_3449I love it when the market has real roses.

4. Seeing…

3D Printed Flexible Dresses in Iris Van Herpen‘s Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2013 Show, “Voltage”

IVHJan2113_014PBA_5964klein-LRG IVHJan2113_019PBA_5995-LRG 09Lowres-LRGIn her latest collection, the intricate handiwork normally associated with couture is replaced by coding.

5. Feeling…

like you need a pep talk?

You got air coming through your nose!

Sunday Senses II

1. Hearing

“Postcards from Italy” Beirut

Thank you, Sara, for this one.

2. Tasting

LenoirIMG_9335 IMG_9343

IMG_9267 IMG_9288 IMG_9295IMG_9336 The beet salad won. I wanted to kiss the chef.

3. Smelling

Boadicea The Victorious Perfume

DSC_0149I tested one of their citrus based perfumes awhile back and can’t stop thinking about it.

4. Watching

Savoir Faire: Making of the Chanel Spring-Summer 2013 Haute Couture Collection

Take a moment to appreciate the work that goes into couture!

5. Feeling

Tabula Rasa Colorful Textiles (via Design Sponge)

TABULA-RASA_06-CROP-21I have a tendency towards neutrals, but my apartment is ready for some color.

Orange Dark Chocolate Cantuccini Wednesday



A new place never quite feels like my own until I’ve cooked in it. I wish I had a recipe to share, but I have a habit of looking at a lot of different recipes and stealing thoughts from each to make my own. Next time I’ll write it down and give you something you can use!


The Lumineers Un Concert a Emporter from La Blogotheque

By the way, it feels pretty good to be back in Austin.

Sunday Senses

I am finally settling in one spot for a bit and adjusting to a new routine. With that in mind, starting NOW, I might devote every Sunday post to whatever I’ve soaked in over the course of the week.

1. Hearing…

“Girls” Santigold

The soundtrack for the HBO series Girls was released last week here.

2. Tasting…

Modern Thai Food at Sway


One of my best friends, Sara, took me to Sway to celebrate our reunion back in Austin. The dishes were beautiful and family-style, the wine was good, and the place was lively even on a Tuesday.

Photo from Austin Woman Magazine

3. Smelling…



I just picked some up at West Elm!

4. Watching…

What They Wore: Pitti Uomo, The Details from Mr. Porter

I have always had an affinity for menswear. Mi manca Firenze.

5. Feeling…



Probably because I am finally settled in one place for at least the next few months and have been frequenting Houndstooth Coffee the past couple of days. (Did you know that their normal espresso is actually a doppio?)

Easier Written Than Done

The past week I have been busy preparing to move back to Austin, so I’ve reserved very little time to think about New Year’s resolutions. If anything I hope to continue doing more and thinking less. And to be honest, I almost never follow through with them. I scribble them on a sticky note and then forget them an hour later.

DSC_0122With this habit in mind, I thought, “What if I scribble them multiple times, lose them, then discover them over and over again?” But then I realized how frustrating this game would become. While digging for spare change, I would pull out a slip that says “Meditate.” Thanks. I’m sure everyone in line wouldn’t mind waiting for their coffee, I need to Om.

Anyways, that idea was quickly discarded. But I do believe in taking time out every day to clear my mind. And it seems to be quite popular this year.

I hope your new year is full of little breaks!