Easier Written Than Done

The past week I have been busy preparing to move back to Austin, so I’ve reserved very little time to think about New Year’s resolutions. If anything I hope to continue doing more and thinking less. And to be honest, I almost never follow through with them. I scribble them on a sticky note and then forget them an hour later.

DSC_0122With this habit in mind, I thought, “What if I scribble them multiple times, lose them, then discover them over and over again?” But then I realized how frustrating this game would become. While digging for spare change, I would pull out a slip that says “Meditate.” Thanks. I’m sure everyone in line wouldn’t mind waiting for their coffee, I need to Om.

Anyways, that idea was quickly discarded. But I do believe in taking time out every day to clear my mind. And it seems to be quite popular this year.

I hope your new year is full of little breaks!

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