Sunday Senses

I am finally settling in one spot for a bit and adjusting to a new routine. With that in mind, starting NOW, I might devote every Sunday post to whatever I’ve soaked in over the course of the week.

1. Hearing…

“Girls” Santigold

The soundtrack for the HBO series Girls was released last week here.

2. Tasting…

Modern Thai Food at Sway


One of my best friends, Sara, took me to Sway to celebrate our reunion back in Austin. The dishes were beautiful and family-style, the wine was good, and the place was lively even on a Tuesday.

Photo from Austin Woman Magazine

3. Smelling…



I just picked some up at West Elm!

4. Watching…

What They Wore: Pitti Uomo, The Details from Mr. Porter

I have always had an affinity for menswear. Mi manca Firenze.

5. Feeling…



Probably because I am finally settled in one place for at least the next few months and have been frequenting Houndstooth Coffee the past couple of days. (Did you know that their normal espresso is actually a doppio?)

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