Sunday Senses III

1. Hearing…

Madeon, “The City”

Why didn’t I go to this show last week?

2. Tasting…

Lily Vanilli‘s Bleeding Hearts

bleeding heart

Red velvet cake, cream cheese frosting and blackcurrant and cherry “blood”–this might be my antidote to cupid’s holiday!

3. Smelling…

Garden Roses

IMG_3449I love it when the market has real roses.

4. Seeing…

3D Printed Flexible Dresses in Iris Van Herpen‘s Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2013 Show, “Voltage”

IVHJan2113_014PBA_5964klein-LRG IVHJan2113_019PBA_5995-LRG 09Lowres-LRGIn her latest collection, the intricate handiwork normally associated with couture is replaced by coding.

5. Feeling…

like you need a pep talk?

You got air coming through your nose!

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